Autumn so soon?

Fun fun weather here in the UK (obviously, it’s just quaint weather, nothing on the scale of the rest of the world). Our summer ran out in June and July, August was pretty much a complete wash out and then September is having a surprise revival with a few days of sun so far.

But the trees can’t be fooled, and there’s an increasing amount of yellow and orange on the journey in to work. Summer is turning, as it invariably does, into Autumn which is my favourite time of year. I don’t really enjoy the heat (useful in the UK), and I don’t mind the cold. Autumn is always my favourite time of year.

My favourite type of day is a bright, dry, crisp and cool Autumn day where you can just see a hint of your own breath glowing in the sun.

We made spaghetti bolognaise over the weekend, and I intended to bring some to work for lunch today but I really didn’t fancy it, so I’m staring at a sandwich that I know is bad for me (in a general sense), and it’s only 11:30. At weekends I almost forget to eat until after 1pm, but something about being in work makes me crave lunch from around 11:30 onwards.