More Bubbles

So we got to bed at around 3:30am and we were either both up or awake from about 6:30am because Bubbles doesn’t understand why she can’t go out and can’t eat.

Grete’s got a vet’s appointment at 9:10am so we just had the ‘fun’ of getting Bubbles back into the cat box and out of the house. She’s been walking around the house all morning, on me, on the sofa, in the lounge. Suddenly, she just runs upstairs and hides. We haven’t even got the cat box out of the outhouse. She just knows. She hid under the bed so I got to be Evil and dragged her out.

Hopefully it’ll be fast and they don’t have to keep her in.

Not sure about our plans for the weekend now either, if we need to be in and keeping an eye on her 🙁