So we just got back from the vets (2:20am). Bubbles has scrapped/sliced the skin of her stomach but somehow managed to not go through the first layer of fat. There’s a bit of blood but nothing hugely serious. Vet gave her some jabs and advised us to maybe get a stitch put in tomorrow at our regular vets. She came in as usual at around 11:30pm, seemed fine and happy, was playing in the sitting room. Grete spotted a scratch on her nose but she gets those from time to time, then she rolled over quite happily to play with the toy and we noticed her stomach wound.

Cats have bad timing, that’s £215, plus whatever tomorrow is, on top of around £300 we weren’t expecting to be paying out this weekend (for other stuff). Ah well, she’s covered by insurance thankfully so we’ll get some of it back, and there’s no way I’d hold off getting either of them medical assistance just because of the money. But, her timing does suck.

So now we’re both too wired to sleep.