Wing Commander

I played the Wing Commander on my ‘386 and marveled at the amazing sound and graphics. It was inevitable that I’d get the Wing Commander movie on DVD, but I never realised it was nearly 10 years old already! I started watching it 5 minutes after turning off AvP – Requiem so I was already in the right frame of mind for some dire cinema.

I have to say, Wing Commander is only ‘laughable’ rather than being terrible. The effects look older than 10 years in places, the script is moronic, the acting is cheesy and the characters are paper-thin, and yet despite all that it was still watchable. Oh I laughed at the parts that weren’t meant to be funny and I cringed at some of the interactions, but at least I could see what was happening on-screen, and it was no worse than a raft of old sci-fi movies.

Should you go and buy this? Well, probably not unless you’re a huge fan of the game, or just someone who likes watching cheesy sci-fi, but if you have a few beers and a few geeky friends around, it may just pass an hour or so and give you something to smile at.