These posts are archives of forum / blog entries I made on my EverQuest guild website. The website won’t be around forever, and I wanted the posts all in one place so I didn’t lose them, this blog seemed like as good a place as any.

Quickest 3 backflagging kills to-date for TNF, MB / AD and MM dispatched double-quick to complete the EP flags on a few more of our raiders. As mentioned briefly in rsay, TNF is looking at Coirnav and Xegony at some point in the future so we’re just topping up our flags to ensure we have enough to take on those targets when the time comes. Excellent work from everyone.

Tirranun fell to us again, the poor dragon really does stand no chance, and this kill was the smoothest yet (although the last phase was rougher than last time, we came through it to defeat the beast). Late into the raid, when many had to rest we took in Volkara, and were defeated with the spider hanging onto life by only a thread (6%!). Next time she’ll fall and another of the DoN progression targets will be ours.