A Tale of Two Movies

We went to see Pirates of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest on Thursday. Excellent movie, very entertaining, funny (including some laugh out loud in the cinema moments), good dialog, all the characters you loved from the first one and a nice little twist. Predictable in parts and a touch confusing (lacking continuity) in others, but not enough to dent the entertainment.

And we watched Doom, the movie, on TV tonight and … pleasantly surprised. Sure it has hardly any dialog, no characterisation, a by-the-book sci-fi action flick, but it wasn’t bad. Funny, interesting, well paced, a some cute little tricks. We loved the first-person section, such a nice homage to the game and so well done. The guy who turned out to be the good guy was pretty good, took us ages to work out where we’d seen him (Chronicles of Riddik (which Doom is better than) amongst others).

If you’ve played the game or if you’ve played any first person shooter, and you don’t mind a bit of shlock sci-fi, get Doom, get some friends and have a little bit of a laugh one evening, it’s ok honest.