Truly Naughty Troop Newsletter – Edition 7 – 17th March 2004

These posts are archives of forum / blog entries I made on my EverQuest guild website. The website won’t be around forever, and I wanted the posts all in one place so I didn’t lose them, this blog seemed like as good a place as any.

Truly Naughty Troop Newsletter - Edition 7 - 17th March 2004


Upcoming Events
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Well, it's Thursday 11th march, and I'm already working on the newsletter for this coming Wednesday 17th, plenty of news already (dings and right-click action), and hopefully more to come with a HoT raid scheduled between the last newsletter and this one.

The guild seems to have jumped a hurdle of some kind - suddenly people are breaking the 60 barrier left-right-and-centre, we've epic'ed four (five?) clerics in less than that number of weeks. The mobs in HoT suddenly became trash mobs after only a second raid and we wanted to know where the named were. It's like a watershed.It's not easy levelling characters in EQ, no matter what some folk say. It's certainly not easy doing it while running a home or holding a job down. Sometimes it's a chore, sometimes a joy, and most often a mix of the two things. I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate anyone who ever dings any level in EQ, they're all fantastic achievements. Hitting 65 might be magic, but hitting 2 for the first time was just as fun. Keep it up folks - we're climbing quick let's stick together, support each other and get ready for the plunge into new content.

One thing I wondered about - did we want to invite members of the Lightkeepers of Gaia into the list for the newsletter, it would allow them to keep up-to-date on our raiding schedule?

The newsletter is not a replacement for the board, and more often than not will just summarise something and provide a link - so, go sign up and take part -

You've already signed up to get the newsletter, obviously ;) , but I'd like to encourage you to get your guild-mates to sign up as well. The more folk signed up the better. E-mail addresses will be kept private, and will only be used to send out this newsletter on a weekly basis, so it's safe to sign up. Spread the word!

If you feel like contributing something to the newsletter, or have any feedback on it, please drop me a mail at and I'll see what I can do.

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DING! Sileldar dinged 60 about 10 days ago, sorry for the late grats, but here they are - GRATS :) Thorix hit the magic 60 as well, and is way on his way to 62 by the time you read this, grats Dye Pimp.

CLICK CLICK - Another epic cleric in the guild - grats to Thorix on his Watersprinkler - at this rate we're gonna need sandbags to protect us from the flood ;) Grats Thorix.

DKP - The officers have posted the DKP system to the board, here, and are asking for your comments on it here - please go and read both and take part, your views are important.

Gone and Come - everyone please welcome Krokker back into the family :) Welcome back O' Lucky Frog.

HoT - The troop raided the Halls of Testing, and got one leather, one plate and one chain drop (no silk you note), DKP was in place, and the kills went well, although time was a factor in the end. Another solid performance with a mixture of different folk from the normal raid turnout, which was nice. More soon hopefully.

Elemental Down! - Ixiblat Fer did the deed and died for us (eventually) giving Belkhanu another step in his epic. Some screen shots of him in here -

Yes Maam - Serayus has posted the latest list of TNT Officers on the boards, you can check that out here - - but in summary, (where A is active, and M is missing in action), Belkhanu (A) - Raid Leader, Chillek (M), Deerrunner (A), Eloina (A) - Raid Leader, Elorana (A) - Assistant Guild Leader (Creator of Guild), Frappo (A) - Assistant Guild leader, Fuzzybutz (M), Leafia (A), Moonebeam (A), Rifraf (A), Serayus (A) - Guild Leader, Skollin (A)

5 Years of EQ - Everquest is five years old, and Sony are running several GM events (duration unknown). There are regular skeleton attacks on newbie zones, during the night-time hours, with commanders and other mobs dropping reasonable loot, there are Fabled versions of well-known named mobs spawning and dropping some very nice loot, and there's an ongoing scavenger hunt.

Congratulations to Moonebeam, Teeliana, Babybleu, Krokker, Nevarre, Andlin on getting their Staves and solving the quest. Full details of the quest (spoilers included) can be found here on Allah - - if you don't want the spoilers, go to your home town and await a message

Congratulations to Vaanen of LoG who won a Fabled Robe of the Ishva in Split Paw -

Congratulations to Gnomtrix who won a Bile Stained Robe during a GM event the previous day -

[Know someone who dinged something significant? Let me know - I'm not always on (no, honestly) so sometimes don't get to see dingage]

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Upcoming Events

Chardok - Belkhanu invites everyone to a Chardok picnic and Overking Bash. Saturday 20th March is the day and the start time is 11am AST/12pm PST/3pm EST/8pm GMT. More details here

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Help Wanted

Read it in the runes - Laanyan is still looking for some runes - more details here let him know if you find them.

Spellerific - Moonebeam is searching for the following 63rd level Druid spells - E'ci's Frosty Breath, Blessing of Replenishment, Nature's Infusion

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Useful Links

Learnin' - TNT has added a new section to the boards, where folk may pass on what they have learned, take a chance to take a read - it's good stuff -

Roster - Torelian has worked his shiny metal butt off and got a roster on-line, along with DKP information - you can check it all out here trulynaughtytroop.eqguild...ustom.html

Missed the previous edition of this newsletter? Deleted it and want to read it again (to assist with getting to sleep perhaps?), check out the previous editions here thanks to the Keeper of the Boards.

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Leaflighter asked me to include this,

I would like to give credit to the people who have come up with UI ideas these last few weeks. As well as to note the artists I ripped off making them.

TnT inventory 1 (darkwood with gold trim)
TnT inventory 2 (red theme, three nudie ladies, Boris Vallejo artwork)
TnT inventory 3 (red theme, four dudes, Boris artwork)
TnT inventory 4 (Boris's Psylocke, w/fake 'underpants' & 'tonguering' slots') "The Dominatrix"
idea by Belligerant
TnT Necro inventory (grey toned, dripping blood)
TnT Druid inventory (Tokien's Tree of the High Elves)
requested by Zyzyx
TnT spellbook 1 (darkwood with gold trim)
TnT spellbook 2 (red theme, with long haired nude at the top)
made for Torelain
TnT spellbook 3 (grey toned, bigbook with diamond buttons)
TnT Duid spellbook (two ithildin Trees appearing)
requested by Moonebeam
TnT Necro spellbook (gravestone grey with horned skull)
The TnT "Spank Me!" targetring v1
Idea by Kishere
The TnT "Spank Me!" targetring v2 (symetrical)
requested by Occaul

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Let me know if you'd like to see any additional sections or content, and if you have any content to contribute. The best way to get content into the newsletter, is to post it to the boards, and I'll pick it up. If you like, send me a pointer requesting it be added, but the board is the first place you should stick it :)

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