Time for an update said Zebedee

Been a rather busy few weeks. I’ve been working a lot, weekends, evenings, on-call, usual stuff. Finally things are starting to get busy at work again which is nice.

Socially things are picking up. We managed to get a game of the Wheel of Time RPG yesterday, with some friends we met at an LRP event a few years back. New game, new GM (to us, he’s GM’ed before, and we know him, but we’ve never played in one of his table-top games), new system, new characters, so generally nervy beginning with people trying to work out who’s who. Another friend turned up unexpectedly today as well, which was nice.

The house is on the market with a new agency. Different tactic, but with luck it’ll be sold in a month or so (fingers crossed, they seemed confident). If we do sell it, I’m not sure what we’ll do! Drink and be merry after recovering from the shock I guess.

My feelings towards the Halifax company are worse than ever. After treating us very unsatisfactorily over our mortgage during the last 5 years, the estate agency side didn’t do us much good either [we appreciate their help looking after the place, which is outside of their normal remit, but failing to sell the place in over 18 months is a bit disappointing, and then having to pay £80+ just to terminate our contract is annoying. We knew we’d have to do it, but it still sucks. {especially as their currently doing no sale no fee offers, and they wouldn’t do that for us retrospectively}].