Well, I almost feel obliged …

After putting all the effort in to the new website, I almost feel obliged to make a diary entry, which possibly isn’t a bad thing.

Running out of money this month, but I must remind myself that I paid £600 towards the visa card, knowing that it meant using the visa card later in the month (we spend about £300 a month on it generally, so paying more covers the things like the computer and pays them off quicker). So not doing too badly, it’s going to be a visa christmas and a repayment new year though 😉

Work is picking up, because we are finally moving forward on the project I’m on, finally getting users migrated across, finally getting to fix things and actually do stuff, instead of endless thinking, debating, theorising and writing.

Off to Meadowhall tomorrow (there’s probably a website for that if I went looking), to do our Christmas-in-one-shopping-trip thing, where we buy everything for everyone and generally get it over and done with in one fell swoop. We want to kill each other by the end of it, but it beats shopping every weekend for three months before-hand, and still fighting.

Still no movement on the house, but it’s Christmas, who buys houses at Christmas. Ah well, by the time we do sell it, the mortgage will be so low we may actually not generate more debt by doing so.