No sleep

Well, on the day I should be going to bed early, so that I can get up early and get the bus in to work, to give Grete a well deserved break, I’m not tired.

Can’t sleep.

Stressed. Wound up. Whatever you want to call it.

I considered annoying the folk on the GemmellFantasy list with a long rambling post which goes no where, as I have done in the past, but felt they had also earned a break, so here I am, rambling into my diary.

Which I guess is exactly what diaries are for.

Got the pager, which may explain increased tension – I never thought it would result in such light sleeping or weird sleeping patterns, just lying there, waiting for it to go off.

Everyone with any sense in asleep, so there’s no mail or news to read, and I think I’ve read every web page there is worth reading[1]

I think another round of slashdot to see if it makes me sleepy.

[1] ok, probably not true.