Small steps

Well, we did the deed. We visited our house in Stockton, and picked up the mail. Boy was there a lot, very little of it ours though.

Appears like our letting agency screwed up – the gas and electric are still connected 🙁 [although we believe the gas has been cut off for non-payment]. Strong words with them tomorrow. I turned the water off at the mains, which should help. And we had a very rewarding chat with the lady next door, including an exchange of phone numbers, which was very nice.

We’re very proud of ourselves, which is a bit silly perhaps considering the small step we’ve taken on what could be a long road, but at least we’re up and walking now and not just lying down.

Tomorrow involves contacting lots of debt management agencies and banks and telling them a whole host of people we’ve never heard of do not live in our property.

And then it’s onwards to doing whatever we need to, in order to sell it.

So, we’re going to keep out little guilty pleasure at what we’ve achieved, and feel good for the start of a new year. We will make things better this year.

To Do list for the coming week,

  • Change phones over to pay-as-you-go
  • Sort out letting agency
  • See about part exchanging our house
  • Other stuff!