Things are pretty slow at the moment. Just leaving the heart of Winter, Spring showers and cool breezes to look forward to. February just around the corner, December a distant memory, January fading away slowly.

The house thing is progressing. Having a chat to the bank on Monday with numbers and figures to see about a Buy to Let mortgage. Still not sure it’s the best route, but if it means we can cover the mortgage and move forwards, then it must be good, mustn’t it?

Started doing a bit of writing, not very good, hard to keep the inspiration flowing. Will keep trying more.

Not painting any miniatures in half a lifetime, should do really.

Haven’t made any long rambling posts to the GemmellFantasy mailing list – some probably think that’s a good thing.

Yahoo are trying to annoy me – they’ve now taken over, and are doing the same as they did with – you HAVE to have a Yahoo ID to use the website pages. You can currently still post with your old e-mail address, but if you want access to the files or you want to manage your e-group, you need a Yahoo ID. That sucks IMO. I wonder if someone’s started a petition or a complaint website up yet. I’m already in the process of moving lists off and onto my own machine. I e-mailed them to complain, we’ll see if they bother replying.

Ah well, onwards, slowly but at least finally we’re moving.