House agony

Well, either today or tomorrow I’m going to have the face reality. I do own a house. It is mine. I do need to take care of it.

It’s probably already got frozen pipes. I just hope they haven’t burst, don’t burst, won’t burst. Are pipes covered by buildings insurance? What about the walls and the like? I’m not bothered about the decoration, we’re selling after all, but would be nice to know I can get the walls fixed.

I bet they don’t pay out if you’re not in residence [sigh]

That’s the biggest problem – worrying about everything in advance, fearing the worst, the stress building to the point where, some people, like me, react by hiding from it rather than facing it. I know other people face up to these things, get them sorted, soldier on, but some can’t. Some folk, like me, just end up putting these issues aside to sort out later, and then the worry and the stress mounts.

[deep sigh]

I usually land on my feet, life has been like that for a long time, I’m spoiled by it I guess, but this time, I just feel like I’m falling, and my feet are pointing skyward ……..