Them flippin’ mounted Wights

So, here I am still painting ’em! The undercoating was a failure (didn’t cover enough area), so I’m having to essentially paint them black, and then put the colouring on. The mounts are sorted (except for the leader’s horse).

The wights themselves are getting there. Exposed bone done, just starting on the material (scab red) and then it’s a case of touching up the black armour and dry brushing silver.

I swore I’d finish them today, but it’s taking ages to put the scab red colouring on them, and then it needs a black wash, and then drybrushing, long before I get to doing the armour, so I’m not sure now.

We need a bigger house.

Does anyone want to buy a house in Stockon on Tees? £33,950, 3 bedrooms, mid-terrace. Let me know if you do.

One thought on “Wights!”

  1. Here I am perusing this blog for stuff about newsmangler, and it turns out you’re from Stockton-on-Tees too. Quite the coincidence, unfortunately I’m not looking for a house 🙁 sorry!
    Thanks for Newsmangler!

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