Long break

Well, another long break between entries.

It’s been a pretty crap month, the last half of August. Only the Omega event provided anything worth noting. I’m in a pretty foul mood most of the time, Grete’s suffering my horrible moods. I swing from depression through to apathy and back again most of the time, spend 80% of my time awake worrying about money and the other 20% of it spending money I don’t have.

On the lighter send, towards the end of August things improved a little. Discovered a roleplaying shop in Nottingham, and purchased Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition, and the Star Wars 2nd Edition rulebook, which I’ve been after for a couple of years.

D&D 3rd Ed looks quite nice.

I’ve also attended my first GenCon, we went for one day, and were only there four hours, that time was spent in the trader’s hall spending more money we don’t have (but enjoying it), on several things, one of which made me very happy. I’ve finally got Warrior Knights, the boardgame, and for a very reasonable price IMO (£30). Now all I have to do is play it again with some folk, and see if it lives up to the memories I have of playing it when I was 15-19.

Grete managed to a picture drawn and signed by Larry Elmore, which she is justly proud of, I also bought the Birthright AD&D 2nd Edition box set, which has interested me for some time. Interestingly, I discovered that quite a lot of my AD&D collection is reasonably rare, and worth a bob or two as well, which is nice.

I keep feeling like I have all this creative energy inside me, and no outlet. And yet, I’m too apathetic to do anything about it


[As a side note, we’re now a 4 PC family again – two P100’s – one of them is the news server as before, although it’s also running a SCSI 4mm DAT Drive for backups, and the other is in the proper bedroom, for reading mail at all hours of the night ;)]