Yes, I know, I know, over a month since the last update. But here it is, eventually.

Well, it’s Christmas day, and I’m updating my web page, sad isn’t it? In my defence I claim flu, and a temperature of 102 degrees yesterday and 99 today. Grete has now come down with it too – and we’ve cancelled Christmas lunch (postponed perhaps until tomorrow …).

Still, we have each other and our gifts, and we’re making the most of it.

Life has been quite good recently, which is probably why this hasn’t been updated very often, money seems to be working better, and things generally are taking care of themselves. Had a scare with the car, but Andy bless his cotton socks saved us, and it wasn’t overly expensive in the end.

Saw End of Days at the cinema, quite good, not what I was expecting perhaps, but entertaining non-the-less. [pause for wracking painful coughing fit]

I think we’ll cheer ourselves up in the new year by purchasing a DVD player (we’re renting a nice TV now, not that 14inch portable thing any more).

Anyway, I’m going downhill again – will write more tomorrow perhaps …