The 40% bracket

Well, another update in the same month, not bad eh 😉 I’ve been messing about with websites again, and have knocked this one together – JAGW – because I want somewhere to put all our Gathering photos. There are some corkers of Grete 😉 She’ll kill me later.

I’ve decided I resent work. Not for any specific reason associated with where I work, but simply because spending half of my life earning profit for someone else, and suffering the stress, is not a good thing[tm] and I should be doing something else. Of course, there isn’t anything else I can do, since I lack courage and a driving license. Still, it’s nice to know I’ve decided.

The Omega event went well, all the gory details are here – Lorgaire De Eolas website – some people might suggest I have too much time on my hands outside of work, which isn’t true, I just resent going to bed early and so find things to do which keep me up after midnight.

The car seems to be going ok [kiss of death] although it still needs a service.

I wonder if anyone ever reads this – am I doing this for you, or me I wonder.

The Gathering edges ever closer – more Live Action Roleplaying.

I’m on call all next week, extra money, extra stress, extra fun? Then I’m on call for most of September, and then one week in four after that. The money will be useful, no doubts about that, although it might move me into the 40% bracket 🙁 But is it worth it? I dunno, I’ll find out. I’ve kind of volunteered to do it, so I can’t complain yet 😉