Well, we’re in. The computers are finally setup in the back bedroom, much nicer layout than the last place. You can see how it’s all configure here [grin].

Moving was a complete nightmare as usual. Van hire place were great, van was excellent, John German were annoying (it turns out that our Landlady wanted to move back in over the weekend, not the Friday, but John German said Friday or Tuesday, not the weekend, which of course made it much harder for everyone concerned).

Christine, Chris and Andy were a godsend. We’d never have managed it without them, we can’t thank them enough. The new place is nice, different from the flat, obviously, and it’s messy with everything still lying on the floor and stuff, but we’ll get used to it. We’re close to town which is nice. Can’t upload this tonight, since we’re not back on-line until Wednesday at the earliest – waiting for Diamond Cable to connect us. Back to work on Tuesday, my Bell’s Palsy has almost totally gone, the left side of may face still isn’t as strong as it was, but everything works again as it should!