2015 General Election

Polling_station_6_may_2010Here’s what I want.

I want a society that protects those who can’t protect themselves.
That supports those who can’t support themselves.
That helps those that can’t help themselves.

No matter the fiscal cost. I want to pay tax so that someone who can’t work can have an acceptable standard of living.

I reject the idea that the country is full of scroungers.

Frankly, I don’t care if there are scroungers, because for every thief there are many, many, thousands of legitimate people in need.

I want a government that ‘interferes’ enough to keep people alive, housed, warm and fed. I want a government that gets the fuck out of my private life.

I want a government that has scientific integrity.

And most of all, I want an NHS that gives the worlds best care to everyone who walks through the door – no matter the cost.

It’s not hard

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2 thoughts on “2015 General Election”

  1. So you’ll be joining me in voting Green then? They don’t really have much hope in this election, but if they get enough momentum they could become a stronger force at the next one to win a few more seats.

    Their manifesto pretty much says exactly what you’re asking for, it’s a real shame so many people still regard anything other than Con/Lab vote a waste!

    1. No, because they have a bunch of policies I don’t agree with (including preventing further economic growth, and population control). Also, if I voted Green, then it’s likely the Conservatives would form a new government, and I refuse to be part of that again.

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