16 days in

My first post of 2012 was a bit whiny, so I thought I’d give you a slightly less whiny update!

Grete’s glasses broke at the end of 2011

Grete got her second set of corrected new glasses on Friday, and she’s very happy with them.  They look great, are very lightweight and have super thin lenses.  She’s much happier!

Grete has a bad back.

And now it’s a lot better!  Still painful, but getting back to her ‘usual painful’ level which is as good as it gets I guess.

My hacked VPS

Tidied up and resolved so far.  Everyone gets hacked eventually, such is the way of things.



Bubbles going walkabout

Well you already know she came back as if nothing was wrong, and she’s maintained that stance.  She’s still being bullied by Fizz but that whole relationship is weird anyway.

New Stuff

So that’s all good.  For fun though, the little Atom PC I bought last year from Novatech decided to die at the end of last week (internal 2.5″ drive now making mechanical ‘I’m not happy’ sounds).  I mailed Novatech, and they’ve given me a returns number.  So, we’ll see if they continue to live up to my expectations of them.