Moaning – Update #1

So I wrote a post about some moans (here).  Grete (as usual) put in loads of effort and arranged some appointments, specifically an electrician and a plumber to give us some quotes.  So in relation to this moan,


The plumbing isn’t bad (especially compared to the electrics), but the bathroom sink hot tap has seized up, and although it’s decreasing in frequency, flushing the loo causes some of the pipes somewhere to vibrate. Also, the silicon sealant around the bath and sinks has perished and really needs sorting.

The plumber thinks the vibration is the ball valve in the loo (which we suspected), but since he checked and fiddled with it, it hasn’t done it since.  Result.  She then moved to show him the seized up hot tap – turned it – and it turned on.  Fine.  Without any problems.  Result 2!  She had to promise him it had been broken.