Why I like Autumn?

Off the cuff response I made on Facebook, just thought I’d blog it, as-is.

Bright mornings, with a soft mist covering the ground and the water on the canal. Watching the ducks float with ethereal grace across the water, pushing a veil of mystical white smoke ahead of them. That golden light that you only get early in the morning in Autumn, when the world is silent, poised, waiting for something significant to happen. Almost like the world is holding it’s breath, knowing that just around the corner is the bitter cold of winter.

In a final defiant act, the trees turn red and gold, bringing heat and warmth to the landscape.

The first moment in the year when you can sit in front of the fire, fighting back the chill and sharing a quiet moment reflecting on another summer gone.

Snuggling under the duvet at night, no risk of being too warm, but toasty and comforting.

A slow gentle rain, not the hard unforgiving rain of Winter, or the constant wet of Spring, but a refreshing, otherworldly curtain of rain which cleans away the sluggish feeling of Summer and ushers in the new urgency of Autumn.

So many things about Autumn I love.