Opal Fail

I was a loyal and happy Nildram ADSL customer for a good few years.  They’re not the cheapest, but they were very reliable, and they didn’t bug me.

When they were bought by Pipex, not much changed.  I remained loyal, they left me alone.

When they were bought by Tiscali, not much changed.  I remained loyal, they left me alone.

They’ve finally been bought by Opal.

So far, Opal have called my home once trying to get me to change my package to take on their phone as well as ADSL (although their terminology was intentionally deceptive), and they’ve sent me 3 promotional e-mails in the space of two weeks to the same end.

That’s not much maybe, certainly not in the deluge of spam I already get.

But you know what?  It’s really fucking annoying when I’m already a customer of theirs.  I do not want to change my package to their phone line, if I did, I would.  I’m like that.  Do they provide an easy way to contact customer services?  Not that I can find, although I did mail the one address I could find after the first e-mail.  No way on the subsequent e-mails to say ‘don’t send me this crap’1.

It’s lesson 101 in how not to retain customers.

BE is looking very promising.

  1. there is a link, but apparently no way to say, mail me important service stuff, but not this advertising shit []

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  1. Have you thought of O2? They run BE as well, but it’s cheaper (and even more so if you’re an O2 customer already). Swapping from Zen to O2 I trebled my speed.

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