Indesit Logistics get it right

I hope I’m thanking the right bunch of people here.  I ordered a new Hotpoint fridge freezer at the start of this week.  I got a phone call on Tuesday telling me it would be here on Thursday.  I got a text on Wednesday telling me which 3 hour slot it would arrive in on Thursday.  I got a text 1 hour before it arrived.  The two guys who delivered it were polite, efficient and quick.

I haven’t actually switched it on yet, but it looks in good condition.

I just rang the telephone number I had (when they texted me the first delivery info) and told them how happy I was with their service, and I know I moan a lot in this blog (who doesn’t), so I just wanted to write something positive for a change.

The whole end-to-end process was slick, quick and the communication was fantastic.

Thank you Indesit Logistics.

2 thoughts on “Indesit Logistics get it right”

  1. Indesit Logistics got it wrong TWICE and still waiting for my delivery

    I have had the complete opposite experience altogether, I ordered a tumble drier from Argos a week later I received a phone call to arrange a delivery date was given Saturday 19th January 2013 same day as another item ( great) only have to wait in once, got a text message on the Friday afternoon giving me a three hour slot 7am – 10am got up early 10 o’clock came and went I tried to ring the office on the number left on the text they are not open on a Saturday. 10.50am I received a phone call to arrange the delivery for another day, she adviced me I should have had a phone call telling me it was not coming, but no I was still waiting and told her I had not had a phone call. It was not coming due to road and weather conditions (there was very little snow in Manchester and Stockport. Delivery was arranged for the following Saturday 26th January 2013 (I work full time Monday to Friday). I received a text message Friday afternoon again telling me between 9am – 12 noon I waited in again 12 noon came and went no drier a wagon arrived at 12.15 and sat outside for 5 mins when I had, had enough I went out to speak to the driver, he told me it was on his notes to be delivered but was not on his wagon it had been pulled ( what ever that meant, your guess is as good as mine ?. He could not tell me anything more and drove off. I am now still waiting to find out what is happening 🙁 but I am very unhappy

  2. We have been messed about by them all day, they are a complete waste of space, when they messed up our delvery date, we cancelled only to be told we wont get our money back for 5 days, seems it works better for them they dont have to wait 5 days its instant, but we have a double whammy as head office in dundee, for tesco, as a gesture of good will talked us into a new machine with a promise delivery date of 4 days, but then we get the dreaded email from indesit, saying delivery date 8 days, do tesco not have anyone betterto do there deliverys, not a good way to run a buissiness

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