Funny what you think you know

When I started writing the articles on the Traits system in the Lord of the Rings online (part 1, part 2, part 3 so far), I thought I knew how they worked.  In particular I was pretty sure I knew how the Virtue window worked, what the icons meant and how to understand them.

After writing the relevant section in part 3 I realised I didn’t really understand how they worked, so I quickly re-hashed it after looking at the dialog again so that I could publish it with a ‘good enough’ section.  Now though, after going back and looking again in more detail I realise I’m still wrong.  It’s only when you try and explain stuff to other people that you really begin to find out if you understand it yourself.

Which is something I always sort of knew but has been refreshed, and it’s equally valid in terms of understanding your own belief system.  If you don’t take time to explain it to other people, you may find that you don’t really understand it yourself.  Anyway, I’m going to go and re-write part 3 so that it’s correct (or more understandable at least).