Grete’s dad stayed over last night after a semi-surprise visit.  He brings his little dog so we didn’t see Fizz all evening (she doesn’t like the dog) but Bubbles just tends to do her own thing, trying to pretend the dog doesn’t exist.

Once Grete’s dad left, it took us a couple of hours to convince Fizz the house was safe, but she finally came downstairs on her own.

We’d noticed Bubbles was keeping her tail down yesterday, but that’s a pretty natural pose for cats which are a bit spooked and just trying to go under the radar, but we were less happy when she kept doing it today, and then when we tried to investigate she made some pretty unhappy noises.

So 5pm visit to the vets, and I guess we both knew something was up when we got her into the cat box without any major struggling.  The good news is that it’s just a couple of small wounds on her back, near the base of her tail.  Either from Fizz or from some other creature in the neighbourhood, that had gotten a little infected and swolen.  The vet (and the vet we use is superb, Ashfield House Vetenary Hospital in Long Eaton, I really recommend them) had her cleaned up and gave her some painkillers.  We could tell almost immediately before we left she was happier because she was standing up in the cat box demanding to be out.  She’s got more painkillers and a course of anti-biotics to get through over the next few days.

Which means a lot of tuna.

We didn’t get into Tesco until 7:30pm to buy food for ourselves and the weekend, and haven’t been back in the house very long.

So a hectic two days.  Hopefully Bubble’s will heal up nicely and she won’t need a return visit.  This is her finishing up Fizz’s share of the tuna.


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