HbA1c results are in

5.8, which is really good. My GP is pleased, talked again about decreasing my metformin dose, but I’m loathe to jinx something that’s working. Maybe if I lose a stone or two I’ll change the dosage. He did say I could give up the aspirin if I wanted, since a) my sugar is under control and b) recent research suggests it’s not as useful in pre-heart-attack victims as it was once thought to be. I’ll see how it goes. Out of all of my medication it’s the one thing that has an obvious impact due to the blood thinning.

The other thing is that it’s HbA1c, not any other combination of those letters and numbers even though I can never get it right.  More than half my blog posts and tweets refer to it as Hb1Ac or something like that.  It’s HbA1c.  I’ll get it into my thick skull eventually.

5.8 – I’m chuffed!

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