Quick garden update

We’re treating / painting our fence!  Takes about an hour to do a single panel, slightly less now, and there’s 10 panels left on the side of the house with the most fence.  Some photo’s for proof!  We’re using the same stuff that our next door neighbour used first on her side of the fence, so she chose the colour which we actually quite like.

In order, the front including the half panels, the side, to show the difference between treated and untreated, and lastly, the remaining 10 panels.

front middle halfnhalf

The garden’s doing pretty well although we’re coming to the end of summer.  The grass we seeded has grown in and we’re starting to get it tidy, and the flowers are really doing well and have looked great throughout the summer.

back grass border sideflowers

This year has seen us do more for the house / garden than we’ve ever done for any property we’ve ever lived in, without a doubt.  There’s so much in the house we should still get sorted (but we’re just so bad at doing it, well, I am, Grete tries to encourage me, but I mainly just stall and fob her off) but getting the garden sorted has been such a good thing and I’m glad Grete has been able to enjoy it while the weather has been good.