Is this a newt I see before me?

Took this shot in July on the concrete just outside the house.  We don’t have a pond, although we see a lot of frogs in the garden so there must be water somewhere within reach.  I think it’s an English common newt.


Some folk might be wondering ‘yes, a newt, so what’, but we don’t really see much wildlife in the middle of this part of Nottingham, so it’s always nice to see something alive in the garden that isn’t just a slug.

Which leads to these photo’s.   Two slugs in August, hanging out on the patio.  The book is for size reference (it’s a regular paperback), not something they were reading at the time (although the title, an accident, is somewhat amusing).


That’s two different slugs, and probably the reason why one of our plants in the border just mysteriously vanished one night, without a trace.