False positive …

Firefox is still slow, it wasn’t (just) Adblock plus.  I’ve even tried with a totally clean profile and it can still take 60 seconds to launch.  If Firefox was the last thing I shut down (say last thing at night) then it opens instantly even if it’s 12 hours later (like first thing in the morning).  However, if anything else (reasonably significant) is run in-between then it takes an age.

Investigation continues.

4 thoughts on “False positive …”

  1. Your comments made me check the load time of Firefox. I haven’t had chance to actually do it to the second, but it is certainly around a minute. Having said that I have plenty of plugins and it runs at start-up along with all the other programs I use all the time. Opera, IE and Safari all load quicker, but then I don’t have all the additions for them.

    1. If you’re feeling bored, firefox.exe /P will launch it in profile selection mode. Create a new profile, so you have no bookmarks, no plugins, etc. It’ll use the profile you have selected to launch next time (if you don’t include the /P), and if my experience is anything to go by, it won’t make any difference, it’ll still take a minute.

      I have procmon output for both a quick and a slow launch, I’ve not had time to compare them to see where the extra time is spent yet.

    1. Remove anything except cookies from \windows\documents and settings\username\local settings\temporary internet files

      I had over 7000 files in there and touch wood, might be making some progress.

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