A Day of Updates II #4 – Back to Work

I went back to work last Thursday after my two weeks signed off, although I worked Thursday and Friday from home (sorting out e-mail mostly).  Today I was back in the office for the first time and although my laptop bag is pretty heavy I’m okay carrying it on my shoulder the short distance to my desk, Grete helps me get it into and out of the car.

The day was okay, I was hunched over a bit at the keyboard which caused some discomfort but once I kept reminding myself to relax and sit back it was better.  In terms of being at work it’s good to be back and around collegues, I won’t comment on the work side of work since bloggers don’t seem to get much legal protection these days.

It’s amazing how much routine you get out of working, especially knowing what day of the week it is.  A few days into being off work and I lose track of the day and date.  It’s also pretty impressive how much I save when I’m not at work buying breakfast and lunch.