A day of updates #3 – Painting Pain

I’ve not touched a quality miniature with anything other than a basecoat in ages.  Sure, I painted some of the HeroQuest mini’s for our (currently off) D&D game, but they’re quick gaming quality jobs.  For some reason I’m just finding it hard to pick up a quality mini and trust myself to do a good job.  Essentially, I’m suffering a huge crisis of faith in my painting.  I know I’m not an award winning painter, but I used to be happy with the results (in a general sense) and not afraid to put paint onto the figure.  Now for some reason I just feel as though I’ll be ruining a really good sculpt and maybe I shouldn’t do that.

It’s a combination of seeing some of the awesome paint work other folk can do, and talking to the people who’ve actually sculpted these miniatures.  It feels too personal, like I’ll be ruining their effort.

Anyway, I’m trying to give myself a stern talking to and to get over myself, and just get on with it because it’s enjoyable and relaxing.  Maybe I’ll get some done if I can sit up after the surgery.