HeroQuest (again)

I’m quite excited by the prospect of using the mini’s from the HeroQuest boardgame for use during D&D sessions.  They’re plastic, robust and ideal.  However, they don’t cover all the monster options you need.  Despite that, I’ve been painting them, as you know, and there’s a huge pile of them to do.  In the last couple of days I’ve been checking ebay to see what else there might be, and I was reminded of Advanced HeroQuest (which is not the same as HeroQuest Advanced edition).  Then I remembered I had an edition of Advanced HeroQuest, and then I remembered I had three editions of HeroQuest (one of which is HeroQuest advanced).  Thinking about it, I realised I only had two sets of hero miniatures.  Which meant it was likely I was missing two sets.

Today I opened the boxes, and the net result is another pile of miniatures to paint.  Basically, I now have (including HeroQuest x 2, HeroQuest Advanced Edition x 1, Advanced HeroQuest x 1, 2 x HeroQuest expansions)

  • Skaven – 20 – unpainted
  • Heroes – 16 – 5 painted
  • Chaos Warriors – 12 – 8 painted
  • Chaos Priests – 3 – 2 painted
  • Gargoyles – 3 – 1 painted
  • Ogres – 7 – unpainted
  • Zombies – 10 – 8 painted
  • Skeletons – 20 – 4 painted
  • Mummies – 10 – 2 painted
  • Fimir – 12 – 2 painted
  • Pikemen – 12 – unpainted
  • Men at Arms – 10 – 1 painted
  • Orcs – 31 – 3 painted
  • Goblins – 24 – 18 painted

So we’ve got our work cut out.  The Advanced HeroQuest figures and the Ogres are more traditional miniature resin than the plastic of the old HeroQuest figures, so they’re not quite so robust but they’ll still do the job.  And I needed a lot of skaven, as it happens.

One thought on “HeroQuest (again)

  1. On a slightly unrelated note, I never understood what all the grumbling was about using miniatures in 4th Ed. We’ve been using battle mats and 2D cardboard creatures for a while now and it works so much better than verbal or small paper maps.

    There is nothing better than putting a Turask on the map as they take up so much room. Then you can ask the players which direction they want to run in. 😀

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