Itchy ears and 6-inch scratches

Fizz, the younger of our two cats, gets itchy ears.  The vet gave us a bottle of gunk to squirt into them once a week which clears out any debris and alleviates the issue.  We tried last night to inject said gunk into her ears – as you can imagine she’s not really very appreciative at the time.  I don’t think it hurts and I’m pretty sure it’s not even that uncomfortable, but if you have to hold a cat down they just assume whatever you’re doing is bad for them.  Which I guess is a pretty good assumption.  We were on the sofa, fizz between us and Grete was holding her down.  I got some gunk in one ear but the little blighter is bloody strong and she squirmed out from Grete’s grip.

In order to get some purchase and get herself off the sofa she used her back feet, claws out, and my body as a launch pad.  So now I sport a pair of nice 6-inch scratches down my left side.

We managed to wrestle her back onto the sofa and do the other ear, and she then spent two hours sulking while we watched Quantum of Solace, before finally deciding we were done and allowing us to pet her again.  Of course, she shredded Grete’s arm after the second squirt of gunk, because she doesn’t like to show any favouritism.

It’s interesting to me how different cats deal with this stuff in different ways – I guess some people just see animals as animals and when you discuss personality they shake their heads and roll their eys.  But if you’ve owned pets or been in contact with animals for a while it’s completely obvious they have a personality of their own.  Bubbles puts up a fight, but once she’s grabbed she sort of just accepts whatever you’re doing in the hope it finishes as quickly as possible, however it takes her about a day to forgive you.  Fizz never gives up – she’s always fighting – and she’s built like a small dog, all muscle and anger, but she’s pretty much over the whole thing in an hour or so.

Oh and don’t tell Grete I’m blogging about the cats, I try and maintain and air of disinterest.  Thanks 😉

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