The Eyes have it

Early start, 7:15 out of bed and 8am out of the house to get to the medical centre for my eye checkup.  I’d added 15 minutes contingency to the travel time in case traffic was bad, but it was ok so we were about 15 minutes early – which was ok because I want in as soon as I arrived essentially.

The eye drops sting, really sting.  On a pain scale of 1 to 10 it’s nothing like a real injury or actual pain, but at 8:45am it’s enough to ruin your whole day.  Twenty minutes later and the whole world looks like it’s made of White.  Photo’s done, I don’t get the results for four weeks or so, and even then I just get a vague ‘yeh ok’ or ‘hmm start worrying’.

The real good news for today (and this shows you how exciting today has been) is that we’ve found LED GU10 sized spot lights which fit into the kitchen sockets.  They have a 30,000 hour lifetime (vs the 1500 hours for the halogens) and are much lower energy.  We’ll need more than a couple to actually light the kitchen but I just got one pack initially, so we’ll be going back for some more.  This is really good news, it’ll reduce our electricity bill and hugely reduce the ongoing cost of bulbs, plus it means in the short to medium term I don’t have to replace those fittings.  B&Q also do reflecting spotlights which we have in the bedroom, bathroom and hallway.  We tried getting low energy versions of those in the past but they didn’t fit, but the ones we saw look more promising, I need to take some samples in.

If we can replace the damn dimmer switch in the lounge, we can replace the candle bulbs with low energy ones too.

Anyway – CSI Vegas beckons.