And another thing

While I’m moaning – why the hell did the previous owners of this house put different light bulbs in every damn room, I know I’ve moaned about that before.  The kitchen lights are really pissing me off though – 50w halogen spotlights, two sets of 4 (we run them with 1 or 2 in a most) and the lamps last about 8 weeks before popping.  They blow the old fashioned ceramic fuse wire in the old fashioned fuse box, and we have to power the whole house down and re-wrap 3amp fuse wire in the dark.

Yes, one went again this evening.

So, I need to 1. replace those damn lights, the sooner the better and 2. see if I can find a resettable fuse thing to replace the cermic ones.  I need to go to B&Q.