Trilogy Meter

The post is a few weeks old, but I liked this Trilogy Meter post over at Dan Meth’s blog.

So here’s the question,  what’s the deal with the 2nd and 3rd Matrix movies?  Why do *you* think they were so bad (assuming you agree with the post linked, and the prevailing opinion on the ‘net).

I’m truly confused, I’d love to hear some constructive comments on why they were so terrible.

2 thoughts on “Trilogy Meter”

  1. I’m working from my normally vague memory, but I seem to recall that the second and third Matrix films changed the mysticism that the first one had. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t as bad as what the additional Highlander films did, but in a similar way it was like having a wonderful story added to and not in a good way.

    If I remember correctly it was more the third film which really spoilt it.

  2. My memory is even more vague – but I seem to recall that I didn’t even see the 3rd one because the 2nd one disappointed me so much. But again as Leigh says not as much as Highlander II, III etc. did.

    I find this happens quite a lot with sequels. Sometimes that first time magic leaves the second attempt wanting. And it is not just with movies – take Heroes season 2, well and Heroes season 3 for that matter – just not quite capturing the magic.

    Music – the whole “one hit wonder” thing. Etcetera …

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