The Matrix Trilogy on Blu-Ray

Just finished watching the third Matrix movie on Blu-Ray tonight, we watched the first two yesterday.  Would have watched all three yesterday but it really got too late for surround sound by the time we finished the second one, so we postponed until today.

I’m not well versed enough to comment on the transfer or the sound options, or the technical features.  But I can say that the Blu-Ray picture is rock solid and hugely detailed.  We saw stuff in the movies we’d never noticed before (elements in the background of various scenes) because it’s much clearer.  Maybe we’re just convincing ourselves of that to justify the cost, maybe not, you’ll have to decide.

Watching all three I’m confused again why people slate the second two so much.  I truly, honestly can’t understand why people don’t enjoy them as much as the first one.  For me personally, the three movies represent a journey of birth, life and death and the third is one of the most emotional action movies I’ve ever seen.