Pineapple Express (Extended, Blu-Ray)

I really had to make myself sit through the first half of Pineapple Express.  While in theory the material is just the kind of comedy I should find amusing the pace was very slow and perhaps I would have been better off watching the theatrical release?  The characters were a little interesting, and the initial plot seemed sound, but I just didn’t find it hilarious or outrageously funny.  I smirked a few times early on, but the first real out loud laugh moment didn’t arrive until the police car chase scene when Saul sticks his foot through the windscreen (must be around half way, felt like three hours in).  The movie did actually pick up after that point, the pace improved and we finally started making some progress.  I was engaged finally, and after almost getting up and wandering off earlier on, I found myself interested enough to stay until the end (which was decent).

The movie revolves around a dope-smoking loser who witnesses a murder, and the ‘hilarious’ escapade which ensues while he tries to set things right with his drug dealer, girlfriend and various other people.  If you’re going to rely on a plot like that you really have to make the characters, situations and dialog funny and it just wasn’t that funny.  I have to wonder if Seth, Evan and Judd write this stuff while they’re totally stoned, find themselves laughing outrageously and decide to film it.  Perhaps it is much funnier to watch it stoned or drunk.

I’ve no idea how it scores 7.4 on IMDB unless all 46 thousand voters were stoned or drunk though.

A weak movie with some amusing moments and one or two cracking lines, but nothing to write home about.