4 thoughts on “Hmm, Twitter”

  1. I think that is the nature of twitter posts – they’re generally contextual, based at a particular point in time and are likely to have only a short period of relevance (sometimes mood influenced – yesterday was a good case in point for me).

    So your “tweets!” sidebar thingie is probably a better idea than the daily digest idea.

  2. I agree with Simes. When you said you were going to put this up did wonder why. I’ve seen it done on a few sites and the blog posts never interest me.

    If I post something interesting on Twitter (it happens once every month or so) I tend to keep a note of it and use it for a blog later.

    1. Three reasons, 1. One of my feelings about twitter is that it’s ephemeral, and stuff you say is more likely to vanish than a blog. Also, my tweets aren’t stored in a database I have access to, so I can’t restore them if they vanish. Maybe tweets aren’t worth that much, but I don’t like losing things I write. 2. Because at least one blog I read does it, and the guy’s pretty funny and his tweets make interesting blog posts, but then he’s funny, and I’m not. 3. Because the WordPress plugin can do it, and it was easy to turn on.

      Anyway, I had my doubts before I even started (as I blogged) and reading the two posts it did make made it obvious to me I wanted it turned off.

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