The weekend already!?

Been a bit of an odd week, was on holiday last week obviously, then working this week but from home every day other than Monday (the office would have been deserted) with holiday Thursday breaking the week up.  Was on call from Tuesday to today as well.  But didn’t really get started and then everything sort of fizzled out.

Which means it’s the weekend again already, got back from C&C’s place about 40 minutes ago after D&D, and we’re currently waiting for Bubbles to grace us with her presence after we let her out (she looked desperate) before we head to bed.

And it’s cold.

Back to our normal routine as of tomorrow with breakfasts and shopping and work and TV and life and stuff.  Hopefully more wii fit as well, and less carbohydrate.  No new years resolution from me, just a promise to myself to try and be more me, and more positive in general maybe and do the stuff I enjoy.