Sorry (again)

Well, the site was basically down from 1pm until 8pm, and it’s still slow now.  Hopefully Gradwell will finally fix this issue tomorrow when they’re properly in the office, although it’s been going on for a few weeks on and off, but this weekend has been the worst.

Every now and then I take a half hearted look at new hosting, but I’ve got a lot of effort invested in Gradwell’s setup, and I’m not sure how much I can stomach moving quite a few domains somewhere else.  This period of broken-ness is the closest I’ve come to moving, and I may set something up on another host when I have some spare cash to compare services sometime in the near future.  I’m used to the Gradwell system, and I hate change.

One thought on “Sorry (again)”

  1. Morning Tony.

    I’ll happily recommend Memset. Winner, multiple years, of best hosting in PC Pro. I’ve had one of my sites with them since last April – not had any slowness or downtime since. Will be moving over to them in the coming weeks.

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