First real go at non-drybrush skin

I’ve gotten into the habit of just dry brushing skin tones on miniatures, in fact, dry brushing everything.  These three mini’s represent my first serious goes at non-dry brush skin.  I picked mini’s with a lot of spare flesh since the aim was to practice flesh tones.  The top three are from a female warrior and is the one I’m trying to get most right, the bottom three shots are two Ral Partha mini’s I’m using to test things out on for now.

inprogressI’m pretty pleased in general, there’s a lot of scope for much smoother blending, but I’m pleased with the general highlights.  I just need to look at more real flesh to work out how it actually looks (I’m going to call it research).

2 thoughts on “First real go at non-drybrush skin”

  1. hello,
    i would like to know what kind of camera, do you use to shot pics of those miniatures?

    best regards

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