Whiskey & Red Bull

Decided to finish the evening with a small glass of whiskey, opened the cupboard and next to the Glenmorangie were 8 cans of Red Bull.

You’ll be pleased to know that although I suddenly had an insane crazy idea to try whiskey and red bull, I managed to refrain.

4 thoughts on “Whiskey & Red Bull”

  1. Actually you could try 2 parts Redbull, 1 part Whiskey and a few drops of lime juice, or a few more of lemon juice. Pour over ice cubes.
    It’s a shame to mix Glenmorangie this way, but if you have some cheap almost undrinkable whiskey, this works very good 😀

  2. try amaretto with the redbull & bourbon, Noah’s mills bourbon is wonderful.

    1. amaretto + red bull + ice ….not many girls like it cause it’s a kinda bitter taste… but most guys like it… try it some time.
      In Peru this combination is called Godfather 🙂

  3. Kentucky Cowboy … 1 can of RedBull ,
    1 shot of Makers Mark Bourbon Whisky ,
    Crushed Ice .
    Place shot glass into glass of RedBull.

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