Weeeeee fit (not yet!)

So, finally we broke out the wii fit again.  It’s been a while, we both got sick and then it was really hard to get back into the habbit, but we managed to today.  Thirty minutes each.  We’ve gone past our initial goals without beating them, but we’ve put new ones in and we’re going to try again each day to do some wii fit.

It’s good for us in so many ways, not least of which it gives us time to be in the lounge together doing something specifically together which doesn’t involve sitting 10 feet apart at the PC’s concentrating and not talking.

So, yay us.

Also, I’m looking for some recommendations for fun, two player games on the Wii.  Something either co-operative or competative I don’t really mind, but it has to be fun and have a lot of life in it.  I look through all the Wii Ware games and they look a bit naff, and I can’t find any decent reviews on the ‘web which is frustrating.  I’m happy buying a game but not looking for anything brand new (light on cash atm).  I know there’s a few games made up of lots of mini games, but I’m not sure how much longevity they have?  So, do you know of any *fun* two player games we can spend an hour with just laughing and enjoying the Wii?

4 thoughts on “Weeeeee fit (not yet!)”

  1. Hi Tony,

    Yea, Star Wars lego is addictive. Although it is quite easy.

    Super Mario Galaxy, which I still rate as the best Wii game, does allow co-operative play. There’s also Smash Bros Brawl and Mario Kart Wii for some competitive play.

    However, after playing Boom Blox at a friends a couple of weekends ago, I went out and bought it. It’s kind of like Jenga but with a LOT more to it. You can play it both co-operative and competitively. The physics engine in it is great. Link here…


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