Time for a Tooth update

Don’t worry, I promise no pictures this time.  My gum has finally stopped being sore on it’s own and is now only sore if I poke the socket or press against the underlying jaw through the gum flesh (yes yes, so why do I keep doing it).  The gum is growing over the wound slowly, but it’s still pretty tender.  I can however, finally, eat on both sides of my mouth again, although it’s going to take some getting used to.  On the right side, the gap means I push food down below the top molar into the gap, rather than tearing it, it sort of just pushes it around.  I have to jiggle the food around a bit to get it over a tooth edge and hence truly chewed.

Since I have no one else to blame other than myself for this piece of mouth stupidity, I’m still beating myself up about it (it’s a personality flaw).  As Grete says, if I believed in God I’d make a great Catholic since I do personal guilt so well.

So it’s progress anyway, and I’m pleased it’s finally getting somewhere.  The pain under my tongue has mostly gone which I was attributing to the injections I got at the time, and for most of the time was causing more discomfort than the immediate gum pain.  So that’s good, I’m pleased.

I still need to arrange another appointment for 2 fillings and some cleaning, but I’ve been putting that off, partly due to cost and partly due to well, it being the dentist.  I’ll try and get that done soon.