Half done

And 6 hours later, Grete’s machine is in a state where she can play LoTRO.  In the meantime I learned about a nice little tool called nLite which I’ll talk about another time, and I was reminded how much I hate rebuilding Windows machines, and that it’s not the base build it’s all the minor customisations and tweeks you make over a period of weeks when you first start using it.

Anyway, now I’m knackered and taking a break.

One thought on “Half done”

  1. Ouch. Glad you’re back to essential functionality. Might be worth investing in a personal copy of Norton Ghost (or similar freeware, e.g. Clonezilla or Partition Image)? nLite is good for tweaking what you get (and don’t get) from the base install, but I think making a full disk image would save some time in the future…

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