Goodbye EverQuest

So yesterday I closed my last remaining EverQuest account.  It’s been a fun time, but I’ve just gradually moved away from EQ.  Some of it is frustration with the game, some to do with the direction it had gone and was going, and some is just because I’ve been doing it so long.

The game in my view is damned if it does now and damned if it doesn’t.  They needed to close the gap between ‘hard-core’ players and ‘casual’ players or risk totally losing one of those segments of the playerbase, however, each change to achieve that alienates another bunch of players.  While I understood the need for the changes, they didn’t enhance my game they just made me feel like it wasn’t worth trying.

The people in EQ kept me playing for longer than the game alone would have and without them it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as much fun, so if any of them read this – thanks, it really was an honour.

I’m past devoting that much time to a single game, I play Lord of the Rings On-line casually, sometimes spending lots of time in game and sometimes not playing for ages, but I can always pick it up and drop it as required.  It suits me, and I love the lore.  So if you know me and you want to say hi, pop in to the [EN-RP] Laurelin server and look me up.

Thanks to everyone in the guilds I was in, the groups I was in, and anyone who had to put up with my control-freakery nature.