Women in Hollywood

I was going to tack this onto the end of the Empire’s top 100 movie characters, because it’s an Empire blog post relating to that content, and it echoes some of my thoughts as I was reading the list.  Why so few women?  However, some of you read this in rss feed readers, and they don’t show you the post if it’s changed as far as I can tell, so instead you get a new post.  You have only yourselves to blame!

Anyway, I’m not clever enough to tell you if this blog post is intelligent or cliched, but it read well to me.  Check it out here.  Here’s a quote I liked,

Now I appreciate that y’all took the effort to vote, and I don’t think you put a lot of duds on the list so well done you, but seriously, doesn’t this demonstrate anything to anyone else? Did many of you even notice the lack of female faces on the list? When female stars talk in interviews about the lack of decent roles, they’re not just bitching, they’re describing a concrete reality and a serious imbalance in Hollywood (it’s worth noting that one of the highest-placed women on the list is French). Ellen Ripley’s a great character, but is she the only woman in film history who deserves a place among the top 40?