Wow, wired.  Feeling physically very odd, like hyper-tense.  Usually I feel like this when my blood sugar is too high, but at the moment it’s 4.6 which is perfectly fine, although it got down to that 90 minutes after I ate lunch which is also odd.

Certainly don’t feel very comfortable.

Dentist was … as expected.  Lower molar (tooth #7) is too damaged and needs to come out, there are small cavities in at least 4 teeth, two on the same side as the molar.  Dentist recommends taking the tooth out and filling the two teeth on that side and then seeing how I feel.  Total price for all that and today’s consultation is £260.  Go back in two weeks for the tooth work.  Joy.

It’s never as bad as you fear it to be, total consultation was about 20 minutes, no pain, and he seemed ok.  He’s obviously professionally ‘unhappy’ at my 5 year absence but he didn’t nag me too much.  Grete managed to build the courage to arrange an examination as well.  I guess we’ll just have to suck the cost up – some things you just have to pay for.

I don’t think dental insurance would have helped, if we’d been covered for five years it would have cost around £18 a month so around £1000, as long as the total treatment for us both stays below that, we come out ahead.

Generally I’m pretty lucky with my teeth, I don’t take the best care of them and I’ve only got small cavities.  It’s the impacting wisdom teeth which are causing the most damage.

Just wish I knew why I felt so spaced out.